Principal's Message

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A Message from Principal Michael A. Smith

Welcome to our Community of Our Lady Of Malibu,


My name is Michael A. Smith and I am blessed to be able to serve as principal of Our Lady of Malibu School. I have been involved in public education for over forty-four years. I have held

both teaching and administrative positions in all levels; elementary, middle, high school, adult and college. I have served communities in both low-income and highly affluent neighborhoods.

I think my experiences lend themselves to serving the community of Our Lady of Malibu School.


My entire faculty and staff envision OLM School as the “gem” of our community. We are focused on building a great environment that provides a rigorous academic program to foster the spiritual and intellectual growth of our students in grades K through 8. We have a school-wide grading policy that holds to the scrutiny of academic integrity. We have a professional development program, in collaboration with professors of education from Pepperdine and CSUN, focused on developing rubrics that support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).


In addition to our academic program, our students participate in age-appropriate service projects grounded in Catholic values and directed toward character formation, development of leadership abilities, and an active commitment to social justice in the community.  This is accomplished by a faculty that works in partnership to foster such an environment. We also provide co-curricular activities such as instrumental and vocal music, Musical Theatre, art, sports, three foreign language offerings, STEM/Robotics, and Meet the Masters. Our students participate in academic, athletic, and robotic competitions with Catholic and non-Catholic schools in the area.


Our vision at OLM School is to continue, every year, having our culminating 8th grade students accepted into their high schools of choice, many times with high honors, and to have an OLM student as the top recruited student in the most prestigious Catholic high schools in Los Angeles and the Valley. Simply said, we are here polishing the “gem”.




Mr. Michael A. Smith