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Ways To Become a Volunteer


Our Lady of Malibu School relies upon enthusiastic parent volunteers to help the school in a variety of capacities. Every family is expected to contribute at least 50 hours of service. Below is a list of volunteer positions that would contribute to, if not surpass, the 50 hour requirement. It goes without saying that the time one puts into this school comes back tenfold in appreciation from the students, parents and staff.

If you need any additional information regarding volunteering for a position, please call the office at

(310) 456-8071.

Possible Volunteer Positions available:


  • Room Reps

  • Field Trips

  • Publicity

  • Hot Lunches

  • School Safety

  • Morning Valet

  • Alumni

  • Parent Guild

  • Annual Dinner & Auction

  • So many more opportunities!

Community Service

Our students are offered multiple opportunities to serve the community around them, and service is required at the middle school level.   Some of the ways we serve our community include

  • Malibu Beach Cleanups

  • Malibu Labor Exchange Visits

  • Local Preschool Reading Angels Visits

  • UNICEF Boxes at Halloween

  • Thanksgiving Baskets for Local Families

  • Christmas Gift Program with Saint Agnes in LA

Student Government

The opportunity to run for a Student Government position is offered to all middle school students at OLM and includes the following positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Spirit Chair.

In order to run for a position, a student must maintain high academic standards, consistent attendance, and have a record of outstanding personal conduct.

Responsibilities include daily announcements, care and raising of the flag, organization of school spirit events, and coordination of fundraising to support the operations of the Student Government.

Student Buddy System

Our younger students are paired with a mentor from our upper grades.  The responsibility of the mentor is to support their buddy during the course of the school year including during Mass attendance, on school field trips, during field day and other all school events, and any other needs their particular buddy may have.

This program offers our older students the opportunity to learn about mentoring each and every day.

Volunteer Requirements

Safeguarding the Children


If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom and or in the presence of students, please read the following information about Live Scan Fingerprinting and Virtus training requirements.   

  In order to insure the safety and well being of our students, Our Lady of Malibu School maintains a closed campus.  Therefore, all visitors (including parents) must check in at the office and obtain a Visitor/Volunteer Badge. 

An additional part of promoting safety for children is the mandate that all school personnel and volunteers must be live scan fingerprinted and participate in the VIRTUS Training Program for adults.  Please be advised that those not fingerprinted and trained in VIRTUS will not be able to serve in a voluntary capacity on campus.  Please contact the school office if you have any questions about the programs or requirements.  Parents who have met the requirements must report to the school office and obtain a Visitor/Volunteer Badge any time they are on campus.   


Any person who wishes to volunteer/work in the presence of students must complete these steps:


Live Scan Fingerprinting

Please refer to the live scan fingerprinting schedules online at:





Be sure to mention that you are a volunteer at Our Lady of Malibu School.  If you are told there are no appointments available, please call the OLM school office.  We may be able to help.


Virtus Training

First time participants:  Protecting God's Children for Adults

Recertification:  Keeping the Promise Alive, Recertification (Only) Training


For dates and locations, please visit www.virtus.org, select Registration, select View a List of Sessions, Select Your Organization from the drop down list (choose Los Angeles and then whichever region is most convenient for you).  Be sure to call the telephone number listed to reserve your space in the training session, as these sessions do fill up.      Once you have completed your live scan and/or VIRTUS training session, please be sure to bring your copy of the confirmation paperwork to the school office.