Mrs. Bernice Hayden


Hi, my name is Bernice Hayden.  I was fortunate to have had a positive school experience, and many enthusiastic teachers who encouraged me to follow my chosen path.  Determination and drive led me to join The Future Teachers of America in high school.  I have been dedicated to the field of education and my love of working with children for forty-four years, the last twenty-one years at Our Lady of Malibu School.

Classroom Notes

Welcome to our kindergarten class! Here we will post information about what is to come in the school year ahead. Stay tuned for a listing of main projects that we will be doing and links to additional information. If you should need to contact the teacher or the room parents, that information will be posted here as well.

We will also keep you informed of upcoming field trips, a place to find the permission slips and an easy way to check in and find the details of what ahead.

See you in class!

Parent To Do's

Welcome to the classroom!