History & Traditions

History of Our Lady Of Malibu School

An early school assembly at Our Lady of Malibu School in the 1960's.

Our Lady of Malibu School opened in September, 1958 with a faculty of two Sisters of St. Louis and two lay teachers.  The pupil enrollment totaled 89.  The school consisted of four classrooms.  Grades 1 and 2 and 5 and 6 were combined classes!


By 1962, four additional classrooms were added and the teaching staff swelled to eight sisters.  In 1963, a convent was added to house these sisters.  Prior to this, devoted parishioners opened their homes and drove the sisters to school each morning and brought them home at the end of the day.


In 1965 the enrollment was well over 365 students, close to 200 of whom came from parishes in the San Fernando Valley that had yet to establish their own schools.


From its inception, Our Lady of Malibu School has had the support and devotion of not only the dedicated sisters, administrators and lay teachers, but from the wonderful families of the children that are here now and have passed through the doors.

Consultative School Board


The Consultative School Board at Our Lady of Malibu School was established in 2009 by Fr. William Kerze to assist him and the principal in the governance of Our Lady of Malibu School. The board’s responsibilities are in policy matters; it is not responsible for the day-to-day administration of the school or the details of administration.



The Board has a number of standing committees or task forces, each with a specific charge and responsibilities.


The committees are:


• Executive (comprised of the Pastor, Principal, Board Chair and Vice Chair)


• Catholic Identity


• Finance


• Buildings and Grounds


• Development


• Communications


• Enrollment


• Marketing


Board members can be current OLM parents, alums and alumni parents, community members, and parishioners and are expected to:


Have an interest in, and commitment to Catholic education in general and a specific commitment to the mission and philosophy

of the school.


Be available to attend board meetings and periodic inservice programs, and to participate in committee work.


Be able to maintain high levels of integrity and confidentiality.


Deal with situations as they relate to the overall good of the school.


Have the capacity to give witness to Catholic and moral values within the school.


Have a willingness to participate in, and provide leadership for, resource development programs.



Our Lady of Malibu

School Board 2020-2021

Rev. Matt Murphy - Pastor

Michael A. Smith - Principal

Dawn Cunnion - Chair

Johanna Muller - Vice Chair

Bonnie Flores - At Large

Fred Felten - Marketing Chair

Ally Durlester - Finance

Greer Brath & Larken Cumberland - Outreach/Enrollment

TBD - Facilities

Pam Litz - Secretary