At Our Lady of Malibu School, we believe that through the human capacity of language, individuals participate with others in shaping their world.  We believe communication skills are essential for empowering youth to become engaged citizens, skilled professionals, and leaders in our global society. The advancement of these critical skills provide measurable growth in critical thinking, advocacy writing, research skills, creativity, and public speaking.  Through our curriculum, we commit to both Argument – expressing our faith in reason-giving as a key to that power, and Advocacy – expressing our faith in oral expression as a means to empower people in situations of their lives.   Our teaching seeks to prepare students through classrooms, forums, and competition for participation in their world.  We invest aggressively in a speech and debate club that learns, practices, and competes with other students.  


Speech & Debate

Mr. Les Hardie


I'm very happy to be teaching another class in speech and debate at OLM. We had our first class last spring, which was so popular OLM decided to repeat it again this year. This year we are dividing speech and debate into separate classes, so the students will have more time to learn the basics and practice their assignments.

Several years ago, after practicing law for a really long time, I  became a senior advisor to the Chaminade Speech and Debate Team.  As a lawyer, I was always in court, arguing my case and trying to persuade the judge to rule in my client's favor. This convinced me of the importance of learning how to speak effectively, and how to argue persuasively. Teaching these skills to your students is my passion and pleasure. Speech and debate are fun, challenging, intellectually invigorating and life changing. Let's speak!