All of our student-athletes gain valuable life skills through participation in our athletic program.  Our Lady of Malibu School actively participates in a number of team sports.  As part of individual growth, we believe our sports activities assist with general health management, problem-solving skills, self-esteem,

social competence, and even academic achievement.  Each year, our students take to the fields and courts competing in a variety of sports each season.  We have recently excelled in Girl's Volleyball and co-ed

Track competitions.  Many of our students are also very involved in district-wide athletic programs.       

Daryl Adams


My name is Daryl Adams I was born in Compton, California. I currently live in Los Angeles with my wife and two kids, my daughter (Marlie) 9 and my son (Madais) 3.  Over the years I have developed a strong passion for football and athletics. Which has earned me a scholarship to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff where I received a Bachelors in Physical Education and most recently a Master’s in Kinesiology from California Baptist University.  

In order to fulfill my dream, education was the right way to go. I have been teaching and coaching for over 15 years. Webster Elementary where I taught physical education for 14 years and 14 years of coaching football between Compton College and Santa Monica College. Some of my hobbies are outdoor cooking, fishing and exercise. 


Our Lady of Malibu has been an amazing experience, with the different personalities of the kids, warm and welcoming of the staff. Each day we continue to grow through education and experiences all while looking forward to the future.