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Report Cards


Students in Grades 1-8 receive report cards three times during the year, usually within the week which follows the end of each trimester.  Kindergarten students receive a progress report twice a year (January and June).


Honor Roll

Names of students in Grades 5-8 who have qualified for the school Honor Roll will be published at the end of each trimester.


Students receive First Honors who:


●      Achieve a Grade Percentile between 97 and 100 in all major            academic subjects (Religion, ELA, Math, Social Studies,            

        Science and Foreign Language)


●      Receive at least a “B” in other subjects (Computers, Fine Arts,

         P.E. and Electives)


●     Maintain an average of an "O" or "G" in Behavior and Work                 Habits


●     Have no more than six tardies during the respective trimester


Students receive Second Honors who:


●      Achieve a G.P.A. between 93 and 96.99 in all major academic


●      Receive at least a “B” in other subjects


●      Maintain an average of an "O" or "G" in Behavior and Work                  Habits


●      Maintain an average of an "O" or "G" in Behavior and Work                  Habits


●      Have no more than six tardies during the respective trimester


Academic Probation

Our Lady of Malibu School requires that students maintain a cumulative and semester "C” average (2.0 G.P.A.).  A student who falls below this standard after a semester receives academic probation status for the following semester.  Parents will receive notification of this on the report card.  Academic probation restricts the student’s participation in extracurricular activities (Student Council, sports, etc.).  If, after the probationary semester, the semester average has improved to 2.0, the student regains academic standing.  A student who, in June, has a CUMULATIVE grade point average below 2.0 will be asked to register at another school.



The points awarded per grade are as follows:


A  =  4.0 (94-100%)            C+=  2.3 (77-79%)

A- =  3.7 (90-93%)             C  =  2.0 (74-76%)

B+=  3.3 (87-89%)             C- =  1.7 (70-73%)

B  =  3.0 (84-86%)             D  =  1.0 (60-69%)

B- =  2.7 (80-83%)             F =    0 (59% and below)


Progress Reports

Approximately half way (5 weeks) through a quarter grading period, students in all grades except Kindergarten will receive a progress report.  Parents need to sign this report and return it to the classroom teacher.  If a parent has a concern about his or her child’s progress, a conference with the teacher should be scheduled.



Students are required to record their daily homework assignments.  Students in Grades 5-8 receive an approved assignment book during the first days of school.  Homework serves a valid purpose when it:

• provides essential practice in needed skills

• trains pupils in good work habits

• affords opportunities for increasing self-direction

• enriches and expands school experience


The Archdiocesan daily time allotments for homework are as follows:

Grades K-2:  Optional; not to exceed one-half hour

Grades 3-5:  Not to exceed one hour

Grades 6-8:  Not to exceed two hours

Occasional weekend assignments


Please note:  These guidelines are averages.  Some students may complete their homework in less time.  Others may require more time.  Regular homework assignments are given Monday through Thursday evenings.  Consistent effort and conscientious attention to both written and unwritten assignments are the most effective contributions to student achievement.  “Extra Credit" reports prepared during the last days of a grading period cannot substitute for consistent effort and achievement throughout the marking period.


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