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Foreign Languages
Mr. Austin Trujillo - Spanish
Mr. Ahmad Diba - French
Ms. Yun Ru - Mandarin


Mr. Austin Trujillo - Spanish

Austin Trujillo has been teaching music and Spanish at OLM for seven years.  He holds a B.A. in Music from Pepperdine University where he studied violin performance and music theory/composition, acting as the concertmaster of the symphony from 2001-2003.  He has worked as a studio and session player for many top film and TV composers, music producers, and symphonies.  As well as being an active musician, Austin is also a credentialed educator for multiple subjects. Austin is also our Spanish teacher. He also teaches private music lessons.  He also loves to surf.



Ahmad Diba - French

I have had the pleasure and privilege of having taught  at Our Lady of Malibu School Since 2015. The classes covered were middle school advanced math and schoolwide French as well as a few specialty electives such as programming for robotics and computer game design. My professional background has been mostly in production, engineering and management catering to industries as varied as aerospace, naval and electrical power.  I spent formative years of my youth in Switzerland and France where I also worked, in more recent years, as an expat for a few years. I hold a bachelors of science degree in engineering from Trinity University and a Master of Science in industrial and systems engineering from the University of Southern California. I very much enjoy teaching and as such also do some tutoring in math and other subjects to students in range from middle school to college.


Yun Ru - Mandarin

Hi. My name is Yun Ru.  I have been teaching and tutoring Mandarin for 7 years. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Language Art from The Television University in China and an Associate’s Degree at Elementary Education. I also am certified and graduated from Startalk Professional Teacher Training Program in Mandarin.


I am continuing my education every summer to improve my teaching skills. I have been working for the Federal Found Program teaching underprivileged children Mandarin in south central and east LA every summer.


I have been teaching at OLM for five years. I love children and I have three of my own. I know every child has their own way to learn so I try to design the curriculum to fit everyone. I love to see a smile on their face while they are learning Mandarin!


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