When used effectively and implemented purposefully technology can transform how our students think and learn. Our program seeks to increase student interest and involvement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by engaging students in a hands on curriculum. We provide an age and grade appropriate technology program for our students that supplements their classroom experience. Over the course of their time at OLM, students will learn both Windows and MAC functions and programs, and be exposed to a variety of current and emerging technologies. We take appropriate measures to ensure the content that our students are able to access on campus reflects our Root Beliefs and Schoolwide Learning Expectations. Our goal is for each student to learn to use technology effectively and safely in a way that supports their classroom learning and helps them refine critical thinking in preparation for high school and beyond.


Lego Robotics - Offered for third and fourth grades.

VEX Robotics National Competition- offered for Middle school. Students are challenged with building a robot and designing and building a robot to compete against other teams. They are challenged through learning teamwork robotic skills and programming challenges.

We do not allow the use of cell phones during school hours as we believe they provide a distraction. Students have access to the technology they will need to be successful on campus without the use of a cell phone. In the event your child needs to contact you, each classroom is equipped with a phone that may be used with teacher permission or students have access to visit the front office to use the phone with teacher permission.



Technology, STEM  & Robotics

Mr. Glen Sunyich



Hi, my name is Glen Sunyich and I teach technology at Our Lady Of Malibu School. After graduation from Don Bosco Technical Institute I attended Cal Poly Pomona as a dual major in Engineering and Mathematics. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and taught undergraduate Calculus classes while working on my Masters degree in the mid 70’s. I attended graduate classes in Applied Mathematics at Northrop University and my Masters of Business administration at Pacific Coast College.

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