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6th Grade

Ms. Marguerite Wolfe

I am so excited to be here at OLM where I can blend my love for teaching with my Catholic faith! My name is Marguerite Wolfe and I have been a teacher for more than 20 years. I grew up in Moorpark and attended La Reina High School in Thousand Oaks. I graduated from California Lutheran University with a BA in Spanish and received my multiple-subject teaching credential from National University. I have taught all levels including preschool to adult in both public and private schools. It seems I have always been a teacher, starting as an assistant in my mother's 4th grade classroom, teaching Spanish classes at a parks and recreation program while pursuing my education, and serving as a Sunday School teacher while my own children were growing up. As OLM's sixth grade homeroom teacher, I assist students with the transition from elementary school to the higher-level expectations of middle school. We work on organization, responsibility, and accountability to become better citizens and better students. As a puzzle and riddle enthusiast, who loves the intricacies of language, I'm lucky to also teach math and English here at OLM. In our classes we celebrate the irrational number of pi and learn about the famous playwright, William Shakespeare. It is a joy to teach at OLM and I welcome you to what we like to call our school, the gem of Malibu.



Classroom Notes

Welcome to our class! Here we will post information about what is to come in the school year ahead. Stay tuned for a listing of main projects that we will be doing and links to additional information. If you should need to contact the teacher or the room parents, that information will be posted here as well.

We will also keep you informed of upcoming field trips, a place to find the permission slips and an easy way to check in and find the details of what ahead.

See you in class!

Parent To Do's

Welcome to the classroom!