5th Grade


5th Grade

Mrs. Bridget Cundiff


I am happy to be joining Our Lady of Malibu School this year and especially looking forward to teaching fifth grade. The students have already mastered many skills, and this year affords them the opportunity to explore in depth what they know while also preparing for the middle grades. Just after completing fifth grade myself, my family relocated from Walnut Creek in the Bay Area. I have lived mainly in Agoura Hills since 1991. I graduated with honors in Biopsychology from UCSB, and afterwards worked with children, teens, and adults with disabilities for nearly ten years in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Ventura County. My experiences in this field of social service included earning the titles of Behavior Specialist, Recreation Planner, Administrator, and Mentor. My focus was to instill a sense of accomplishment, teach independent living skills, build relationships, and create a warm and interactive environment. In the interim before launching my career in the school systems, I taught children's swimming and snowboarding, and nannied three children, enjoying the rewarding aspects of physical and emotional support and enrichment services. I received my teaching credential from Cal State Channel Islands and subsequently taught a year of Earth Science for grades 9-12 at Buena High School in Ventura. Low enrollment numbers for the following year provided a gap in my career in which I started a family with my amazing husband John, welcoming our beautiful baby girl Aria into the world. In the words of my mentor, "teaching is one of the best jobs in the world." From birth throughout our entire lives, exploring new skills, appreciating the journey of sacrifice and success, and learning to entertain dynamic ideas provides the key to growth. I hope to share what I've learned thus far on my journey to relay this message of encouragement to the incoming fifth grade class and classes to come.

Classroom Notes

Welcome to our class! Here we will post information about what is to come in the school year ahead. Stay tuned for a listing of main projects that we will be doing and links to additional information. If you should need to contact the teacher or the room parents, that information will be posted here as well.

We will also keep you informed of upcoming field trips, a place to find the permission slips and an easy way to check in and find the details of what ahead.

See you in class!

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