Our Lady of Malibu School relies upon enthusiastic parent volunteers to help the school in a variety of capacities. Every family is expected to contribute at least 50 hours of service. Below is a list of volunteer positions that would contribute to, if not surpass, the 50 hour requirement. It goes without saying that the time one puts into this school comes back tenfold in appreciation from the students, parents and staff.

If you need any additional information regarding volunteering for a position, please call the office at (310) 456-8071.

Volunteer Positions:

  • Room Reps
  • Field Trip Coordinator
  • Yard Duty Coordinator
  • Publicity Liaison
  • Chili Cook-Off Coordinator
  • Hot Lunch Coordinator
  • School Safety Coordinator
  • Service Hours Coordinator
  • Morning Valet Coordinator
  • Alumni Coordinator
  • Parent Guild
  • Annual Fundraiser