Annual Fundraiser

We hope you were able to attend our "A Night in Monte Carlo" event at the Malibu Jewish Center last Saturday. We are so very grateful to Christina F., Lucinda M., and Erin O. for serving as co-chairs. The event was fantastic, beginning with our gorgeous Program/Ad Book, the ticket sales, the on-line bidding, the silent auction, the live auction and the Angel Dollars used for gambling and other assorted purchases, total over $100,000, once all bids have been paid for and picked up. Thanks go to Lisa H., Tammy A., and Theresa F. for the Program/Ad book. Thanks to Frankie P. for coordinating the entire auction and related items. Kudos go to Christina F., Marty K., and Coach Meyers for executing a great live auction. Finally, thanks to Karen Medrano for serving as liaison, sounding board, and everything else. Eric and Kelly R. were the big winners at the gaming tables turning in $21,100 in chips. As the big winners they will get two weeks, of their choice, of preferred parking at OLM. Congrats to all and thank you for supporting our little "Gem"!

Watch for details about our next annual dinner and auction, to be held on Saturday, March 28, 2015!