Emergency Procedures

Fire and Earthquake Information for Our Lady of Malibu School

Our Lady of Malibu School conducts a practice fire drill, lockdown and/or drop drill (used in case of earthquake or other disaster) each month to familiarize the students with emergency procedures.  In the event of an actual emergency during school hours, the students will be kept under the school’s supervision until called for by their parents or another responsible adult noted on the emergency release cards filled out the first week of school.  After an earthquake, fire, or other disaster, we ask that parents DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. If the phone lines are functioning, they may be needed for emergency calls and the staff will be occupied and not available to handle phone calls.


The school utilizes SchoolReach to broadcast messages that keep parents informed of any developments.  If an emergency occurs outside of school hours, SchoolReach will be used to notify parents.  Please listen to the radio (KNX 1070 AM) for instruction on school closure or contact the school office and listen to the recorded message.  As a general rule, OLM will follow the same procedure as the public schools in the area.  

Please be mindful that if we have to dismiss early or if we have an emergency such as an earthquake or fire, we will need to follow very strict procedures about signing out students.  This will ensure that all students have, in fact, been picked up.  If you arrive on campus for an early pick up, a check out system will be set up at the entrance of the school.  In the event that we would need to evacuate the school, our students would be transported by bus to another site such as Pepperdine, Point Dume Elementary, Malibu Bluffs Park, Juan Cabrillo, etc. We would be using the transportation provided for Webster School.  This is important for you to know, should you be stranded somewhere.  We have a great set up for such occasions and Webster School is a significant resource for us.  Special thanks to Principal Phil Cott for his generosity in working with us.