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I hope you were able to attend our "A Night in Monte Carlo" event at the Malibu Jewish Center last Saturday. I am so very grateful to Christina, Lucinda, and Erin  for serving as co-chairs. The event was fantastic, beginning with our gorgeous Program/Ad Book, the ticket sales, the on-line bidding, the silent auction, the live auction and the Angel Dollars used for gambling and other assorted purchases, total over $100,000, once all bids have been paid for and picked up. Thanks go to Lisa, Tammy, and Theresa for the Program/Ad book. Thanks to Frankie for coordinating the entire auction and related items. Kudos go to Christina, Marty, and Coach Meyers for executing a great live auction. Finally, thanks to Karen Medrano for serving as liaison, sounding board, and everything else. Eric and Kelly were the big winners at the gaming tables turning in $21,100 in chips. As the big winners they will get two weeks, of their choice, of preferred parking at OLM. Congrats to all and thank you for supporting our little "Gem"!

Pre-sold auction items: 2nd Grade - Raised 2000.00 for the school with portraits of the children and Ms. Russell by Dana Fineman 7th Grade - The 7th grade families donated $2000 towards the gift of a beautiful cross made from their children's fingerprints. It will proudly be displayed in the office. 8th Grade - Raised 900.00 for the school with a beautiful driftwood cross emblazoned with words of inspiration from the children, that is also displayed in Ms. Rett's classroom.

I want to take a minute to remind everyone of the need to be considerate of our morning drop off and afternoon pick up protocol. In the morning, we provide valet drop off with Eder, Coach, and Marty who are there to open the door and assist your students to get to the area by Sheridan Hall for morning gathering. The spots in front of the church are for parishioners coming to morning Mass or parents that may need to be here for at least an hour. If a parent pulls into those spaces to drop off their student and then tries to pull out as other students are coming to school it can be very dangerous. Once the pick-up line is on the playground, it goes very well. Those who arrive first are pulling to the right allowing a free flow around the pickup lane. I have been informed that there are some parents who drive up the left hand side of the line of cars waiting on Winter Canyon to come into the pickup lane, and cut in front of those waiting. Also, please be observant of the identified parking and No Parking areas. Recently, several individuals have been parking in restricted areas. Remember, there is always space in the lower lot, morning or afternoon, if all the spaces are full in front of the church. The safety and well being of our students should be kept in mind at all times.

Testimony Week has begun and Holly kicked it off in a very powerful way when she spoke to the 8th grade Monday afternoon. Since then, we have had several other moms speak to interested audiences. Some of our other presenters have been/will be (in grade order): Vanda, Leslie, Katy, Christina, Gini, and Carolyn. There will probably be one or two more speakers, as well. Most, if not all, classes will have their Testimony Day before Easter Vacation. The Catholic Identity Committee has put Testimony Week together as part of their mission to provide resources for OLM School students and families to keep our daily lives spiritual. If you have any ideas for the committee, please contact any of our committee members: Angela Sall, Marie Slaton, or Leslie G.

On Friday, following our All School Mass, we presented the $10,000 for the winning ticket drawn on Saturday night at the "A Night in Monte Carlo" event. The winning prize went to fourth grader, Nicole.  Please know we appreciate all your efforts in selling tickets for this year's raffle and we congratulate Nicole.

Our final Overall Top 3 Producers for Raffle ticket sales were: in 3rd place receiving a check for $100 was Jacquelyn with $700 in ticket sales, 2nd place was Nicholas who received $200 and had $2,000 in ticket sales, and our 1st place winner was Bronwen who received $300 and had $2,120 in ticket sales. Our Top Selling Class:  6th Grade who will get a pizza & movie party. Through everyone's effort we pushed our thermometer over $20,000!

Next Wednesday, April 16th, we will be honoring "Principal R.'s Choice", from our Principal/Teacher for the Day event on Thursday, April the 3rd. This coming Wednesday, all OLM students will have Free Dress, can bring their favorite stuffed animal and will have Movie Day in their class.

This week's Eat a Rainbow ™ lesson with Ms. Tafi focused on sugar and how to find it on nutrition labels.  Here's a brief summary of the lesson:

  • We discussed the importance of eating fruits and vegetables instead of sugary snacks.
  • We learned how much added sugar is in some of our foods
  • We read a nutrition story.
  • The children learned how to identify sugar on labels.
  • We made natural peanut butter cups with dates and the younger students enjoyed Eat a Rainbow ™ Oatmeal Cookies (A special thanks to Elena for providing the ingredients for the natural peanut butter cups and to Julia for baking the delicious cookies.)

Thank you to Elena for purchasing the ingredients for peanut butter cups, Julia for baking cookies and helping, Jackie and Kathleen for helping, Rose for providing ingredients and the big bags of sugar, and Michelle Krolikowski for purchasing dates.

Interesting video:  18 minutes - cuts to the chase
Toxic Sugar?


Does your middle grade student have ideas on how to make Malibu better? If so, they may be interested in joining OLM seventh grader Tripp P. on the Malibu City Youth Commission.  If any middle grade student from OLM wants to join, the deadline is April 25th. More information and applications can be obtained from the City of Malibu website.

Quick Calendar Reminders:

  • Monday, April 14th, 1st & 2nd grade field trip to Natural History Museum
  • Wednesday, April 16th, Principal R.'s Choice/ Free Dress, Favorite Stuffed Animal and Movie day
  • Thursday, April 17th, Holy Thursday - Minimum Day
  • Friday, April 18th, Good Friday - No School - Easter Vacation Begins

"And now a word from our sponsor" - Scrip helps generate revenue for OLM School. Get your gift card scrip and help the school at the same time! Another great gift idea for your Malibu friends is the 2014 OLM School's Restaurant and Retail Stores Discount Card. It's valid for one entire year; you get discounts at 12 different Malibu eateries as well as Hoyt Family Wines, and 5 retail stores all for only $20.00. What a deal! Thanks and happy shopping!

As always, I look forward to seeing you and sharing more of the great things that are happening at our little "gem".

Mr. Smith


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