Profile of an OLM Graduate

An Our Lady of Malibu School Graduate

Will have a MIND that:

  • Has developed a love of learning and a thirst for the pursuit of knowledge
  • Has been intellectually challenged in all disciplines
  • Is academically qualified to excel in college preparatory high school
  • Can utilize analytical thinking and problem solving techniques
  • Has mastered communication skills, both written and oral
  • Employs effective organizational and time-management abilities
  • Demonstrates technological proficiency

Will have a BODY that:

  • Is physically fit
  • Is nutritionally aware and balanced
  • Appreciates and respects its self-image
  • Has had the opportunity to participate in athletics
  • Has established physical, mental, and emotional wellness as a lifelong pursuit

Will have a HEART that:

  • Cherishes and honors family, friends, and community
  • Extends care and compassion in service to others
  • Embraces all God’s creatures and accepts their differences
  • Finds joy in life
  • Follows its passions
  • Expresses its creative sensibilities whether in art, music, theatre, or dance
  • Assumes stewardship of our planet
  • Recognizes and willing accepts life’s challenges

Will have a SOUL that:

  • Nurtures a personal relationship with God
  • Reflects on the teachings of the Gospel and applies them to everyday life
  • Continues a lifelong spiritual journey
  • Possesses the virtues of honesty, integrity, courtesy, and commitment
  • Is self-confident and self-aware
  • Accepts the responsibility of active citizenship

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